Partner With Us

The Connecting to Congress project is designed as a collaboration between our team and your Congressional office. Our team will be investigating which tools are most useful to Congressional offices, how participating in these deliberative sessions can both foster trust with constituents and also be helpful in decision making, and how these practices can best be integrated into office workflows and routines.

Our Team:

Photo via Amy Lee.

Photo via Amy Lee.

  • Collaborate with your staff to host deliberative sessions, creating opportunities for representatives and/or staff to engage in meaningful and informed interactions using online tools to maximize convenience.

  • Evaluate these sessions and work with your office to assess—and improve—their effectiveness as an avenue for constituents and representatives to connect. We will analyze results in real-time to ensure the platforms and process are flexible and responsive to the needs of representatives and constituents.

  • Provide timely analysis back to your office about the engagement gains, as well as analysis of the range of opinion on an issue

Your Office:

Photo courtesy of Moms Clean Air Force via  Creative Commons License 2.0.

Photo courtesy of Moms Clean Air Force via Creative Commons License 2.0.

  • Define your goals for constituent engagement, collaborate with us to arrange staff or representative participation, and provide feedback about the effectiveness of these tools and how using them helped you to achieve your goals.